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Who we are and what we do

Welcome to “La Taverna de Barcelona”, our home. “La Taverna” opened its doors in September 2010 in Ronda Universidad 37, in the heart of Plaza Cataluña. After 8 years, we can tell you now, “La Taverna”, is a dream come true. Since opening we have been looking our identity , what makes us different, and finally we found our “essence”, what most characterizes us, and what has accompanied us throughout our lives, live music, our great ally.

What we offer our customers

The “Taverna” is a meeting place to enjoy live music, sports, food and good company. We have 23 different types of beer, such as Guinnes, Paulaner, Foster’s, Murphy’s…and also, a menu wide menu with a variety of food; such as salads, ribs and yummy XXL burgers. Our place is a catalan “Taverna”. We celebrate our local festivities, and we share the experiences with all our customers. We also like to celebrate International festivities such as, Halloween, Saint Patrick´s day and Oktoberfest. Live music can be enjoyed every day. We always offer two uninterrupted music sessions, the first, starting at 22,30h til 00,30h, and the second session from 00,30h til 3h, making our customers feel at home. Coming alone, with friends or family, fun is guaranteed. We are opened every day.

  • Live music every day

  • All the sport and weekly billboard

  • Imported beers and original Cocktails

  • Tapas and burgers os the house

A Dream come true

“La Taverna de Barcelona” was concieved 8 years ago initially erving sandwiches and “pinchos”. Since then, step by step, we have increased our gastronomic offer and created a unique party atmosphere with live music where you can also enjoy watching sports. Nowadays, It is a place which perfectly combines music, sports and a varied menu, which are the main characters, and the magical combination. Te Marcos family have created a unique venue to make you feel like you are at home. Luis Marcos and his sister, Silvia, play live music on Saturdays . Come and join us so you experience yourself the essence of “la Taverna de Barcelona” .